Friday, February 19, 2010

Last One

Yo, wassup people?! It's been a long time since we last put anything up, and all for good reason. Guess our focus has shifted onto other planes, hence the less time spent blogging about what is still, without doubt, one of our greatest passions: Lesotho hip-hop.


Surprisingly, a lot of people still do visit this site! Do big-up yourself if you are one of those. Our guess is that we've managed to make a bit of an impact because we have a lot of y'all who are regulars to this space. Sorry if you've been disappointed to see that no activity - in terms of regular posts - has been going down.

Well, this is just a note to anyone visiting this site that we won't really be doing the posting thing anymore. The reason why we started this blog was in the hope of creating an off-shoot on the Lesotho hip-hop sphere. Seeing that it did not quite catch on, we figure it's time to move on. Well, maybe saying it didn't catch on is a harsh way of putting it; rather, the people who caught on to the blogging thing are more involved with poetry than with hip-hop. They are both very good friends of ours; one is Lyrical Bacteria, and the other is Dno. Check their blogs out, very cool writers, quite motivated in their own right.

To the people who drop mail every now and then requesting more info with regards to hip-hop in Lesotho, do feel free to keep doing that, we'll definitely get back to all of you. The blog will still function for the odd post every now and then, but not as regularly as before. I think that's just about it folks, stay inspired!


Before we go though, we'll leave you with a coupla treats. The first is a collaborative project between Phil the Kritik and Project-kay. According to the press release:

“Project-kay vs. The Kritik” is a statement, not only to their respective locales (Phil the Kritik is a Ugandan native now based in Maseru, Lesotho, while Project-kay resides in Durban, South Afrika – via Zimbabwe, through Lesotho if you catch the drift!), but to the entire international beat-making community. Pick any beat on this project, and it is sure to fit well into the next hip-hop/pop classic in the pipeline.

Do not take the press releases' word for it (they do tend to talk a lot of lies!), download for yourself and bang the album. Pass it to your friends if you like it.

Link: Project-kay vs. The Kritik


Second up, we've got a track from our very good friend Skebza, who has started a new off-shoot (along with Pasco and Blitz) called MSU. They've been getting mad love on Lesotho-based radio stations, so please give them a listen.


And lastly, here's a video from MSU. We personally don't like it, but that's as far as it goes. Hopefully they'll make better videos with time.

Do follow us on twitter for updates on our missions. Peace!

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