Saturday, June 12, 2010

The T-Mech thingie on the Internet

Peace! In keeping with out 'promote T-Mech' campaign (implied as it may be), we've decided to do a little video thing showing the recording of his track, 'Hip-hop's voice' produced by J-One. Enjoy.

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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

T-Mech - Console mixtape

Peace to all! T-Mech has been under our radar for a long time now, with a string of independent releases under his belt, both as a solo artist and as part of the three-man crew Anonica. He is a rapper/producer based in Maseru, and just unleashed what we believe to be a very strong offering onto the Lesotho hip-hop scene.

'The Console Mixtape' is a solid, thirteen-track offering featuring among other, Skebza-D, Z-Digi, and our friend Core Wreckah. If you are in Maseru, do get in touch with him via his facebook page. He is selling the mixtape for twenty bones. However, in case you cannot get in touch with him, he has been generous enough to let us put the music up here for download. Do enjoy, and give feedback please. One!


1. 2lo (prod. by Rev Raven) 3:34
2. Falling (prod. by Anonymous) 3:34
3. Cum thuze (w/Emcee Conundrum)(prod. by Skebza-D) 3:33
4. Imagine (ft. Skull Grey and Core Wreckah)(prod. by Mr. Mech) 3:34
5. Etsa (prod. by Mr. Mech) 3:34
6. Hip-hop's voice (prod. by J-One) 3:19
7. Just bars (prod. by J-One) 2:30
8. Tell me (ft. Soul Life)(prod. by Enough Big E & Al) 3:54
9. Chesa(rmx) (ft. Dubbel D & Shuffle)(prod. by Mr. Mech) 3:56
10. M.O.R.E (prod. by Katleho 'Tha Enforca' Motsohi) 3:34
11. Ha ba re bone (ft. Skebza-D)(prod. by Mr. Mech) 4:13
12. Su'M.O.R.E(clash of the titans)(ft. Z-Digi, L-Tor, Ice) 5:16
13. Ba re ke mang (ft. Emcee Conundrum)(prod. by Mr. Mech) 3:53
LINK:T-Mech - The Console mixtape [approx. 70MB]
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