Sunday, January 25, 2009

Papa Zee's lead single

Wadup people? We've decided to share with the rest of the world a track that's been blazing the Lesotho radio waves throughout December 2008. Taken from his forthcoming album, 'Psalm 23', here is Papa Zee's single, 'Starring'. Shout-out to T-Mech for the hook-up

Papa Zee

Starring (zip) - 5MB

Starring (MP3) - 5.1MB

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Friday, January 23, 2009

Home-Brewed Five - First Edition

As promised in a previous post, we've got the first edition of our Home-Brewed Five podcast, which aired for seven weeks on the Ultimate FM, Lesotho's premiere youth radio station. Download and enjoy, and if need be, feel free to leave a comment.


By the way, the interviews that I'd promised are still coming, so hold your breath!


1. One, two, six - Poltergeist
Produced by John Tanners

2. One Clip - One clip
Produced by Third World

3. Isosceles - Get pissed
Produced by Phil the Kritik

4. Dunamis - Time has come
Produced by Strrryk 9

5. Benni B - Lift em high

Grab it here

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Friday, January 2, 2009

To all massive and crew

First and foremost, thank you very much to anyone who took time out to check the posts on this blog, it really means a lot to know that there are people who show interest in what we do. Even more respect to those people who return regularly to check out the updates.


Corporate Nemesis has decided to put together a short brief for anyone who is involved with radio, television, or the print media. In it, we detail our biography, our body of work, and our vision and mission statement. It is available for download in PDF format, so grab it if you are interested.


Attached with the physical copy of the media brief is a selection of five tracks which we've recorded and mixed throughout 2008. Its purpose is to afford the artists a wider platform than that which they may have otherwise been exposed to. We'll probably be doing more of these samplers, probably on a six-monthly basis, so keep your eyes peeled.

Since we can't distribute physical copies to everyone, we've uploaded the sampler which anyone can download. For this first sampler, we have Poltergeist, Codi Cox, Mellow, and Isosceles. Give it a listen, it's pretty cool.

The Media Brief [3MB]

Corporate Nemesis 2008/09 Sampler [24MB]
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