About us

Sound and design maniacs caught on the borderline between an extremely soul-driven past and decadently image-driven future.

Corporate Nemesis logo

Corproate Nemesis is a collective consisting of Fairo (real name Mokhethi Rampeta) and Core Wreckah (real name Ts'eliso Monaheng) based in the small town of Maseru, Lesotho. The Nemesis concept's rough draft came to life in 2001 in the form of a rap outfit that had eight members.

Back then, the primary objective was emceeing, but this has since blossomed into sound design (radio jingles, beats, recording), graphic design (logos, album sleeves), and video production. To date, on the visuals side, the duo have produced one documentary - The Cipha - which takes a look at the Lesotho cipha scene, and two music videos, one of them which received airplay on Channel 0, Afrika's biggest music video channel. The said video was for a Lesotho-based electronic music artist by the name Vortech 0.9. On the sound design front, Corporate Nemesis has made its presence felt on all major radio stations in Lesotho by doing doing jingles for a good number of deejays, along with helping a host of rappers record their material.

The downsizing from eight to two members might seem like a flop to some, but perhaps it was a blessing in disguise, one which helped the duo plot their path more precisely. Corporate Nemesis maintains a deeply independent hip-hop outlook while concurrently taking on challenges in other fields. For instance, Fairo is an Architecture graduate who has contributed his skills to designing a good number of building around Maseru. The duo's ultimate goal is to create a bridge between Lesotho and  the rest of the world, and hence facilitate long-lasting relationships and collaborations with cross-genre musicians and designers all over.


Developments in the camp have been coming at a steady rate. Nemesis Re:pulbik, the clothing label which has Fairo as its chief designer, saw it's first t-shirt range, "I AM FRESH", become well-received amongst its target market. Next in line is the "Still Making Threats" line, which shall be unravelled before the end of 2010. Core Wreckah has also decided to hook up with long-time collaborator and friend Corporate Nemesis is also a registered private company, and is looking into exploring avenues such as music publishing.