Saturday, May 31, 2008

I'm not alone

A triple post within the period of one week!!! Wow, congratulations to myself!! On the real though, it is quite a feat by any average blogger's standards. The website that was promised is still undergoing the pangs of birth (READ: Internet mulfunction). Bonzy, the guy who's a silent partner of Corporate Nemesis, is still setting it up. Note that silent in this case does not mean not having a say in the final decision-making process; it just refers to the fact that you'll hardly ever hear him talk. In the same vein, that goes for Fairo too. I'm the self-proclaimed 'loud-mouth (tm)' of the crew.

So you thought the title of the post was inspired by a certain being by the name Michael Jackson, huh?!! Well, think again. It was inspired by one of the guys I go to school with, saying how heads sometimes think they are all alone in what they do/like, until a revelation dawns upon them that hey, maybe things aren't so bad after all!!! The statement can be applied to many situations.

Golden Chariots

I am not alone in the sense that I'm not the only one trying to ensure that the voice of Lesotho hip-hop gets heard beyond just the confines of approximately thirty thousand square kilometers of land (that's the area of my country, seriously!). This blog is dedicated to San the Instru-monumentalist (...and yes, it's still a mouthful to say, check this post out). He's just dropped a beat-tape, and I thought I should lend a hand and make it known through this medium. Find the link below, and check out the sleeve. Give him feedback on facebook (search for Moeti Damane). I'm sure he'll greatly appreciate it.

Link: Golden Chariots Volume One - 17.1 MB

Monday, May 26, 2008

A promise kept

Word is James like Bond, bonded with 3.50 Maloti supa-glue at the Maseru taxi rank!!! As promised, I'm hitting you people up with the images from the Levi's gig that I attended. Dig it.


Jits jetting into interstellar spheres

Jits as seen in heaven

Jits with the rest of the band
The rest of the band

And the ETC crew wasn't to be left behind...

Logic-L putting on the 3-D glasses
Logical puts on 3-D glasses

Bonsai Bush and Logical

Bonsai vibing with the audience

Johnny Bosh
Rest of the crew (DJ White Nite in the background)

Til later people, I'm out!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Pay dues, stay true

Yo!!! Since it'd been a while since I last scribbled, I figure that it's only right to pay my dues. Cape Town is handling me well, went to peep a gig hosted by Levi's as part of their Young Guns initiative. It featured Jitsvinger and ETC crew, both of whose performances were something to take home and digest, before finally realizing just how dope they both were. It did take quite a huge amount of searching to find the venue, but all went well afterwards. Will post up some pics in the interim.

Fairo's shit

Corporate Nemesis' other function is to design stuff, you know, stuff like logos and random, ultra-inspired, other-worldly things. Fairo posted me some of the stuff he's been working on, and I became so flubbergasted that I found it fitting to share with the masses the enormity of this man's ability to manipulate Photoshop up to the point where it calls him master. This particular design would look good on a t-shirt I think (Hint: we ARE working on a clothing line. When we're rich like the corporations that we are, for lack of a better word, so 'incensed' by, your boy/girlfriend shall be wearing Nemesis Inc. underwear. Jokes!!!)

Other Intelligences

On the artist front, I shall dedicate some space to San the Instru- monumentalist (a mouthful, I know!). He's another beatmaker/emcee from L-E-S. He, along with Barameds of Green, belongs to a crew called Other Intelligences (or OINTS for short). Their style is subtle hip-hop, bordering - and perhaps sometimes crossing into - the field of poetry. It's what a knowledgeable person would call 'beautiful music'. I, on the other hand, just call it hip-hop. To their acclaim is a single entitled 'On becoming human'. I should be a bit biased when it comes to the track that I was supposed to post, but the one you shall hear after downloading is what has been doing rounds on a couple of radio stations around L-E-S. It's called "Scribllings (sic) of rememberance",hope you dig it. The two are on to some big things, and I'll surely keep the massive and crew who come here updated on their gwaans.

Scribllings - 4.12MB

Stay tuned, I'm doing a post on a dude called Dunamis real soon. He's also onto some big stuff without a doubt, and deserves a mention. Till later, tarrah!!!

PS. Check out the links below for some interesting sites

Pioneer Unit - A Cape Town-based independent label (home to Ben Sharpa, Konfab, and Rattex)

Africasgateway - Premium hip-hop site...check out the forum section, it's dope!

2020 Radio - A podcast by Rob One..niceness!!!

Eliminate The Competition - ETC Crew's official website

Thursday, May 22, 2008

I refuse to succumb

Yo!!! Exams pressure is building up, but I refuse to succumb to the preshas (pressures) of Babylon!!!


This is a real quick one. My man Z-Digi is launching his mixtape in L-E-S at the end of this month, and I decided to put up this flyer for anyone who may not know about the event. Nuff shout to Benni B and the whole Mighty Recs crew for pulling this one together. From what I hear, it's going to be BIG!!!

Click here for a larger image.


Friday, May 2, 2008

Titles irritate me

Skebza D

Weekends can only mean one thing, and that is free stuff!!! This week, I present you another favourite of mine, Skebza D, whose real name is Mokebe Mohasoa. This dude has made a number of notable moves in the Lesotho hip-hop scene, and in Bloemfontein. He's got a crew with Pasco under the banner Maseru. I knew him through his former crew Hipnotica, and first saw them perform in 2001 at a show that was held at Lesotho's National Convention Centre.


At times, I really thought he had it all figured out, but became not-so-convinced when he switched his style from time to time. This character trait would be what defines him to this day. He is quite versatile, but, to a large degree, inconsistent as well. Deals have been promised, but nothing solid has materialised. The Maseru tracks that I've heard are pure fire, but I see nothing transpiring out of that. He seems to be caught in limbo, or maybe cannot chase after a dream for too long in order to realise it. Whichever the case, I respect him dearly. He is a dope lyricist, and covers a range of topics in his rhymes. The track I shall share is called Errah, recorded back in 2005/06. Just listen to it, and decide for yourself. Oh, the other reason I chose the song is that he mentions me in his raps (ha ha ha!!!). It's taken off of his Sotho hop EP.

Errah!!! -Skebza D (2.65MB)

Otherwise, check out this post on I found it quite refreshing. I've been a member of the site for ages, and have seen it morphing continuously right up to the point where it's at now. Africasgateway
While I do not like the status quo, I still go to it daily, and check out what is on the minds of AG-ians out there. And this is the site that has introduced me to so much of the stuff that I know now, musically and otherwise.

Lastly, we are trying to put up a domain that'll enable us to do more than just posting links to songs we've uploaded elsewhere. It'll contain songs that you can download straight off the site, and maybe a couple of the video and design stuff that we do.


PS. Check out Rattex on his myspace page. I was with him just a short while back in order to cop his EP called '7781'(go to the Pioneer Unit site to order a copy). He also let me listen to some joints that are going to be on the album. I shall say no more. Just keep a lookout for him, he's mad live!!!