Friday, August 7, 2009

Mighty Records EPK - Pt. I

Wadup people? Just thought we'd hit up on you all for a bit and share this EPK we did for our good friends at Mighty Records. The footage was shot in December last year (2008), and we'll finish editing the rest of it whenever time allows. For now though, catch part one which features producer/rapper/vocalist PK. One love!

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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Papa Zee - Starring (live performance)

Word! Just thought we'd share with you all this link to Papa Zee's performance of the track "Starring". If you don't have the track, go grab it here. Whoever captured and edited the footage did a horrible job by the way. We think this was at the recently-held Miss PC FM 2009 beauty pageant. Enjoy watching!

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Some radio-related stuff

Yo, what's good people! We delivered some radio samplers to a couple of radio stations in the country, and they promised to playlist the joints. Shout-out to Lyrical Bacteria for helping out in the process. We shall also give our man Wanda from Bush Radio in Cape Town a copy to jam on his Headwarmaz show. Other radio stations shall be considered at a later date.


Please keep telling your friends to download the sampler, the link is here for all of those who missed it the first time around. Lastly, feast your eyes on this open mic performance Core Wreckah did on the Beatbangaz' tenth annivesary a couple of months ago. That verse is taken from the joint "Nuff shout". One love!

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Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Free CD Sampler - Core Wreckah

Yo! Just doing a quick drop-in, as promised, to share with you all a link to the Core Wreckah sampler. Before that though, thank you to all who kept coming to the blog even when we weren't updating it, we really appreciate it. Also, we are planning on releasing another range of t-shirts for the summer, so please go here in order to check out what we've got. (N.B. we won't be releasing the I AM FRESH range again!)

Radio promo

Alright, as promised, the link. Do enjoy, and please give some feedback. Will share this with a coupla blogs, and hope that they do post it up. Additionally, we shall post some other promo vids from Core Wreckah, so stay tuned for that. Oh, the pic above is the one which we shall use as the sleeve for the radio samplers. ONE!

Link: Core Wreckah - Free CD Sampler [24MB]

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Core Wreckah unveils tracklisting

In light of his imminent release simply entitled "Free CD Sampler", Core Wreckah has decided to bless us with a tracklist and sleeve. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the full product. Production is from trusted allies Dim Light and Phil the Kritik, as well as a collaboration with Trained Monkeys off of the Re-Invention Volume II LP. Look out for the link before the week ends.

Core Wreckah_Blog

The tracklist's as follows:
1. Intro [produced by Dim Light]
2. Reminisce [produced by Phil the Kritik]
3. Feel it [produced by Trained Monkeys]
4. Stand up [produced by Dim Light]
5. Dooinit [produced by Phil the Kritik]
6. Feel it [Biz-ark-human remix]
7. Stand up [Biz-ark-human remix]
8. Stand up [acapella]
All tracks published by Corporate Nemesis (pty) Ltd

Monday, July 13, 2009

It's been a while

Yo, what's the deal? We've been busy, or maybe we held back so long just to make the statement 'it feels good be back' all that more meaningful. But that's just the thing, we've been around, and you would know that if you've been checking the twitter updates on the side of the blog.

Mighty Records

Firstly, congratulations to our friends over at Mighty Records for successfuly recording the first live album in the Mountain Kingdom. A couple of weekends ago, the gospel group Yadah Praise Family, which falls under the Mighty Recs umbrella, undertook this recording. I'm not sure whether it's true that it's the first live recording, but big ups to them nonetheless.


Secondly, big ups to San the Instrumonumentalist, and to Trompie for seeing through the Re-Invention project, and getting a review in Hype magazine, South Afrika's hip-hop publication. They've also overseen another project whose review shall be coming in a bit.

Well, lastly Trompie has been through a great deal of tragedies in the past couple, but he's come out of it strong, and managed to set up another blog dedicated to his alter-ego, Black Sperm. Check it out here.

Core Wreckah

Oh yeah, our very good friend Core Wreckah has been working on a promo which he plans to take to a few radio stations in and around our planet. NASA already has their copy, which they are beaming out to the galaxy Alpha Centauri as we speak. We shall post a link once Core decides to let loose of it, most probably some time this week.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Paradigm shift: A short film featuring Ben Sharpa

Peace to all massive and crew, hope everyone is good and getting into the swing of things. We are big fans of sharing, hence why we practice the art so much. This time around, it's a film we helped make which features South African hip-hop stalwart Ben Sharpa.


Last year, round about April, our good friend Tamar from the UCT Film and Media School asked me to help him out with being a Director Of Production on a film based on Ben, an offer I could not turn down. After close to eight months of on-and-off editing, he completed the project.

The film is called The Paradigm Shift, and sees Sharpa talking about things such as aliens, music, and the impact of technological innovations on modern society. Tamar keeps it interesting by mixing in various related shots with the actual footage taken during a day of shooting. It is approximately 10 mins long, and is well worth every minute (according to us at least!)


Now, Tamar was very specific that I should not put up any other parts of this doccie up apart from the intro, so we locked him up in solitary confinement just so that we could post the end-credits as well. Had it been up to us, we would have uploaded the rest of it and shared it with people out there. Also, we have not cleared some of the music used in the film, which might cause quips with various people in the world (i.e. the individuals who were involved in crafting those pieces of audio; see the end-credits if interested).

Offers have already come from film festivals as far away as France, and we shall keep you all in the loop with regards to what shall be going down. Check out the short intro, along with the end credits, and leave any comments.

The beginning:

...and the end:

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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Re-up: Lesotho hip-hop compilation

Wadup people?!! We got a request for a re-up of the Lesotho hip-hop compilation we put on the blog a while back, and proceeded to heed the request. We've also decided to put two additional tracks on it, so grab it and enjoy. The tracks are productions from a crew called Artform . Here's some information on them:
Artform of is group made of three rappers, one vocalist and a producer/beatmaker. the rappers are strategy, fatal verb and queen mo. the vocalist is Lila and cymtom is the producer of the group. they have been together since june this year and have been working on tracks that will appear on an experimental project that will be released early next year.


-Hymphatic Thabs: Who said (2007)
Produced by Kanife
Published by Iapetus

-Skebza: Errah (2005)
Produced by Maphoza
Published by X-Poem Records

-Papa Zee: Mokhotsi (2006)
Produced by Papa Zee
Published by Struggle Ent./EMI music (?)

-Pasco & Anonymous: Ha Peete (2005/6)
Produced by Anonymous
Publisher unknown

-Metal Jacket & Dunamis: High stakes (2008)
Produced by Metal Jacket
Published by KOL Productions (?)

-Core Wreckah: Dooinit (2007/8)
Produced by Phil the Kritik
Published by Uhuru Underground/Corporate Nemesis

-One Clip: One Clip (2006)
Produced by Third World
Publisher unknown

-Mighty Records: Praise chants (2008)
Produced by Benni B
Published by Media Graphics

-Fatal Verb, Strategy, and Cymptom - Take care
Produced by Cymptom
Publisher unknown

-Strategy (w/ Queen Mo) - You're not alone
Produced by Cymptom
Publisher unknown

And here's the link: Lesotho Hip-hop (approx. 33MB)

(DISCLAMIER: Corporate Nemesis is only filling in an empty place in Lesotho hip-hop, which is putting music that is inaccessible from anywhere else. In case you think we are contravening any Copyright laws, mail us, we can sort it out)

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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Rattex live on UCT Radio

Yo people, hope you are all gearing up for the "Dunamis showdown" on Friday. Anyway, thought we should hit you up with footage from one of our favourite rappers this side of the Cape. Rattex came through to UCT Radio's Mzansi Mamela hip-hop show (Mondays 21H00 to 00H00), hosted by Benzo along with Core Wreckah. Peep the footage, and perhaps grab that free download of a brand new track of his. Peace!!!

Rattex - Ndiselapha [7.22 MB]

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Support your own

Yo, just a real quick one. Dunamis has been chosen, along with four other artist, to be on the "Live to 5 Upcoming Artists" on SABC1's show called "Live". All that is going down this coming Friday (6th February, 2009) at 21H00. Juast tune in, and sms "Dunamis" to the number that shall be appearing on the screen.


Also, you can download his 'Mastered seed' track here . And while you're at it, check out the video. Respect!!!

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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Papa Zee's lead single

Wadup people? We've decided to share with the rest of the world a track that's been blazing the Lesotho radio waves throughout December 2008. Taken from his forthcoming album, 'Psalm 23', here is Papa Zee's single, 'Starring'. Shout-out to T-Mech for the hook-up

Papa Zee

Starring (zip) - 5MB

Starring (MP3) - 5.1MB

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Friday, January 23, 2009

Home-Brewed Five - First Edition

As promised in a previous post, we've got the first edition of our Home-Brewed Five podcast, which aired for seven weeks on the Ultimate FM, Lesotho's premiere youth radio station. Download and enjoy, and if need be, feel free to leave a comment.


By the way, the interviews that I'd promised are still coming, so hold your breath!


1. One, two, six - Poltergeist
Produced by John Tanners

2. One Clip - One clip
Produced by Third World

3. Isosceles - Get pissed
Produced by Phil the Kritik

4. Dunamis - Time has come
Produced by Strrryk 9

5. Benni B - Lift em high

Grab it here

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Friday, January 2, 2009

To all massive and crew

First and foremost, thank you very much to anyone who took time out to check the posts on this blog, it really means a lot to know that there are people who show interest in what we do. Even more respect to those people who return regularly to check out the updates.


Corporate Nemesis has decided to put together a short brief for anyone who is involved with radio, television, or the print media. In it, we detail our biography, our body of work, and our vision and mission statement. It is available for download in PDF format, so grab it if you are interested.


Attached with the physical copy of the media brief is a selection of five tracks which we've recorded and mixed throughout 2008. Its purpose is to afford the artists a wider platform than that which they may have otherwise been exposed to. We'll probably be doing more of these samplers, probably on a six-monthly basis, so keep your eyes peeled.

Since we can't distribute physical copies to everyone, we've uploaded the sampler which anyone can download. For this first sampler, we have Poltergeist, Codi Cox, Mellow, and Isosceles. Give it a listen, it's pretty cool.

The Media Brief [3MB]

Corporate Nemesis 2008/09 Sampler [24MB]
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