Sunday, April 27, 2008

Core Wreckah

I simply couldn't resist the charm of posting two near-consecutive rumblings, not in this lifetime at least. Core Wreckah is as much an entity as he is a part of me, if that makes sense. I mean, it's the same person, just that the existential dynamics differ. Anyway, check out the page on iLike: iLike Core Wreckah

This is the picture for Core's promo, released a year ago. Time flies, only seems like yesterday. Read the full bio on that iLike page, and become part of the collective.Core-Wreckah


Friday, April 25, 2008

The Weekender


Okay, it's the weekend, so guess I should live up to the promise last week and bless the people with something to carry em through (a long one if you are in South Afrika).


This time around, the track is from a guy I've known for more than a minute, a very close acquaintance who goes by the name of Keyman Anomyous.This man is a maniac, behind the mic and production. The track is about three years old, and he produced it for another rapper from Lesotho who goes by the name Pasco. Don't really want to go into a lot of detail, so I'll let you guys download, enjoy, tell your friends, and give feedback.

Ha Peete - Pasco feat. Anonymous (3MB)


Hope y'all digging the images that I posted. Will do a picture blog in the near future. Oh, Anonymous is the one kicking the first verse.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

A song a day...means you can play

So here it is. 'Where' you ask. Well, right here on planet earth. I'll be posting up links to songs that we've worked on with a couple of friends, and tracks that I've done on my own. Maybe a beat here, a beat there, anything goes. Before I get started, check out my man Fairo's myspace page (click here).

First on the run is a gem from Codi Cox, an artist I met during my worthwhile scavenges in the streets of Maseru last December. I've recorded a track or two for him, and there are plans in the pipeline to do an EP in the not-so-distant future. I immediately related to his style, being that we started rhyming round about the same period (ninety-nine to be exact). His style is 'head-noddy', and he carries quite a range of topics: battle, party, love, more love...damn, I think the dude can do a booze track if possible. Oh yeah, there's an idea. Lemme stop stalling, here's the link:

Codi Cox - Pipe dream - 3.7MB


Check out Fairo on facebook, he probably has a larger image of the one I've posted. Easy!!!

PS. If you ever come across Codi Cox, or a creature that looks even remotely like he does, duckdown fool!!! His goatee kills, seriously!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Chain Smoker

I take the arts quite seriously, and take advantage of any opportunity to express myself artistically. One way in which me
and Fairo have branched out is through video production.


Vortech 0.9 is a Lesotho-based electronic music producer
that I've known since my early days as an emcee.Vortech in the scene
He used to do production for a lot of the cats who influenced my style, including Dunamis and Glory (who went by the name 5th Element back then). Anyway, he saw one of the videos I did for another producer, Anonmyous (will make a post about him later!!), and decided that I should do something for him also. I did hesitate, but took it as a challenge to be faced. This was at the beginning of December 2007.

I asked him to give me a complete month to do everything, and leave me to my insanity. Being that I'd just obtained a working version of adobe after-effects (checkout this, I was motivated to indulge. Little did I know that it'd be quite a task. But yeah, all stories aside, I completed the project in about six weeks. Best thing: he dug it.

So time went on, and this past March, I got a call from his manager to tell me that the video has been approved for playlisting on Channel 0. Now, for someone who is an absolute amateur at this video thing, it was a total honour. The future

I'm planning to work on more projects of that nature, and anything else in between. To check out more images, go to my facebook picture page here


Untitled is a title, right??

Miles Davis is one of my favourite jazz musicians.
I love jazz, and he's one of the main people who embody what I sway to. Dude has influenced so many people (Coltrane, Tyner, Sanders), and done so much cross-genre dopeness that it's hard to ignore him. I've been getting multiple orgasms from the 'Bitches Brew' album. But 'Kinda Blue' happens to still be one of my favourite joints. Proper tribute to him coming up in a few.

Apart from looking at girls all day, my other pastime is writing, especially about stuff that I dig (oh well, what else can one write about?!). I did an interview with the elaborate Cape Town crew Ill Skillz, and it just got published in Varsity newspaper. Peep out the bigger image here. I've seen them at least four times since I got to here, and they rip it on every occassion. Their chemistry is just so dope, and I do reckon they are going far (well, technically, they are far already, for their European tour is well in place). But they didn't publish the photo I attached, so there you have it. Ill-Skillz article
And the bigger image here

The Ill-Skillz pic: Ill-Skillz_small
Went to see 340ml live. Dudes are consummate professionals, know how to control a crowd, and can keep a show infinitely interesting. And people loved every second of it; they did songs from their debut album, Moving (2005), along with joints from the recently-released 'Sorry for the long wait'. I'm not sure about the latest album though, since every shop I've gone to does not have it in stock. I remember when I first heard these dudes back in 2003 on Yfm (shout out to AK). Thought it was a British reggae band by the name of Steel Pulse. But no, it was 340. Have dug them eversince. Check out the frontman Pedro on the pic.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I'm turning out to really love love Cape Town. Apart from the ridiculous amounts of school work that I have piling up somewhere under my bed, it's a lovely place, especially if one is willing to explore further than the confines of UCT. I've been to a good couple of shows, made links here and there, and trying to have a good time while I'm at it.

Ben Sharpa

This is a real quick, random post. Just check out the pic or two that I've put up, more updates coming up in the next few. Am planning to make this some regular joint, so whoever you are stumbling upon it right now, please return on a bi-weekly basis to just check it out. Peace!!!

By the way, the image is that of Ben Sharpa performing live at The Assembly in Cape Town. He dropped a dope set, so did Wordsworth. One...