Sunday, September 19, 2010

Isosceles - The Untitled EP

Peace to all! We got the opportunity to work on an EP with a Lesotho-based emcee called Isosceles this past June, and it was quite an experience. The five-track compilation of songs was completed in little under a week, and features production from Cymptom, Nutz, as well as Raymo.


Isosceles is part of the new breed of Lesotho-based emcees who are driven by a desire to break the stereotype of their country always being over-looked in social and cultural circles on the global stage. Seeing themselves as equal to anyone else in the world, this breed is intent on making a mark that shall be felt way beyond the confines of their immediate environment.
Please head over to our bandcamp page to either stream and/or download the EP. In the meantime, you can just stream this tune, featuring Core Wreckah, and produced by Cymptom.

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