Friday, March 21, 2008

The Corporate Nemesis effect

Ait, so this is where it begins. The concept for Corporate Nemesis came about from Fairo's disillusion with his previous crew, the G-Squad. Nemesis started out initially as a rap crew consisting of around seven members. Somehow, only two people are left now.

Fairo has rusted on the rap front, and has chosen to make beats instead. I, on the other hand, can step up to a cipha any given moment in time and reap it. I've also got some product in the ruggedy streets of Maseru, and have had the opportunity to preform a couple of dope shows. Also do writing for a publication here, and a publication there.

So yes, two people. Both into hip-hop, and both pretty much determined to kick major ass - think of the whole 'underdog' scenario. Keep your eyes peeled, be on the lookout!!!


david santos said...

Great work! Thank you.
I love this post and this blog.
Have a nice day.

O.I.N.T.S said...

lovin the blog ma ninjas, lovin this shit...word to muva ish like this gives a negro more inspiration. one, SAN