Friday, December 26, 2008

Expansionary movement

I've been keeping mum for over a month, but it's [partly] not out of my own doing. I did an interview nearly two months ago with Cape Town hip-hop crew Ill-Skillz, and have been waiting for their management to approve it ever since. The guys promised to get back to me after they'd checked it out, but that still has not happened to this day. So, pending their approval, let's talk about other things.


Corporate Nemesis has been a constant supplier of jingles across a number of radio stations in Lesotho. We've formed a number of alliances with deejays, but the strongest thus far is that with DJ Dallas T, who hosts the afternoon drive show on Lesotho's premiere youth radio station, Ultimate fm. We've got a segment on the show called the "Fifteen Minutes of Fame" in which we prepare fiteen-minute hip-hop mixes which are played from Tuesday to Thursday. That has been going on for about a year and a half now.

We also produced and presented another segment called the Artist Feature in which we interviewed people in hip-hop who are making moves. That came to a halt earlier this year. However we are back again, and this time around, we are doing a hip-hop chart show called the Home-Brewed Five; it is on every Monday from 1730hrs to 1800hrs. We're only in the fourth week, but the reception has been pretty dope. The concept is to playlist five hip-hop tracks which just happen to be made in Lesotho, and let people vote for their favourite songs. The two songs which get the most votes get to hold the number one and two positions on the next week's show. The other three tracks are randomly selected.


The Nemesis RE:publik t-shirt range has been doing rounds amongst a selected few people, and everyone who has seen the designs is showing much love. It is quite inspiring, and motivates us to put in more effort into producing doper designs. The I AM FRESH range (code# Rep_001), is nearly sold out. No more of it shall be printed; if anyone wants that particular design, they shall have to pay a premium price for re-print. The next range shall be ALPHABET SLAUGHTER (code# Rep_002), so be on the lookout for that!

The Corporate Nemesis website is up (click here). We are still working on a theme, but shall be updating it every now and then in the interim. Keep checking it out after a while; we shall also put up podcasts of the Home-Brewed Five show.


Lastly, San the Instrumonumentalist from Other Intelligences has been on a grind this year, releasing singles and beattapes for all who care to listen. He has also been coordinating a remix project which sees producers from Lesotho, South Africa, and Zambia collaborating to do some re-workings of hip-hop classics from yester-year. The full list of producers on the project is:

D Cha
The Rebbi
DJ PeeWee
Dharma Bums
San the Instru-Monumentalist

Producer's album

The album shall be dropping in a bit. For now though, you can grab a digital download of the sampler here.

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