Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Cipha - Part Two

What's good people?!! We've decided to do the second part of our on-going review of The Cipha documentary which features a range of emcees from the LES. The clip under dissection today features Anonymous, who needs no introduction since I've talked at length about him in previous posts. Please note that we've posted other segments of the documentary on our Youtube Channel; you can gladly go there to view them.


We shot Anonymous' scene on the same day that we did Blitz' and Kislev's scenes. The latter two shall be reviewed in due time, but I reckon it is a significant point to note since the three emcees' appearances are interspersed within their respective scenes. For instance, Kislev can be seen on the last shot of Anonymous' scene. Incidentally, they were also the first scenes that we shot and edited, and, to our eyes at least, the level of experience is quite evident. Some of the techniques we used make for quite interesting viewing tough!

This part of the documentary opens up with a video we shot for Anonymous. In it, him and Sanhedrin (from Other Intelligences) happily sit in front of a shop while munching on some fatcakes and kicking freestyles. The video then progresses into other scenes which deserve a totally new post all on their own. For the sake of this review, I shall not dwell on them. The narrative gels in well with the different scenes as the narrator tells of Anonymous' maturation over the years, using phrases like 'prolific rhymes and style' to bring to the viewer's attention this emcee's genius.


This has got to be the most left-field of the emcees we managed to interview while compiling The Cipha. He talks of the perfect cipha as taking place during night-time when zombies and wolves come out to play. The snare will be provided by some other-worldy figure hitting a spade against a huge chunk of metal, and an eyeless figurine would be centre-stage, ripping his fair share of the microphone apart. I don't know about you, but that is some pretty hectic stuff, legendary indeed. It is just a whole lot better when you view it yourself.

After his anecdote, the documentary cuts into a cipha scene where Anonymous himself is representing, bringing lines like:

"Kicking freestyles is what I do per night see/ I'm kicking freestyles on a
super-mic/ you can't touch this/ Anonymous I am the roughest/ and if you look in
my eyes, you'll see enough shit".

Stylistically, we went for pretty interesting edits as mentioned earlier. We had just discovered how to do the split-screen effect, and made very prolific (if I should say so myself) manipulations of it. We also put the mirror effect to good use by taking a single shot and pimping it so that it seems as though the scenes were shot at different times, albeit with duplicate hand motions and all. Once again, it makes a whole lot more sense when you view it yourself.


Anonymous' scene ends with another cipha. We went into the crates and dug up a gem we took the day Dunamis was shooting his "Mastered seed" video; we'd decided to go to the location just to show support. Hymphatic Thabs, who is the video's director, joined us in the cipha, and we all had mad fun. Shout out to Matz and Karabo who were also with us. Anonymous' genius is revealed as he freestyles lines like:

"You can't have it/ cuz now it's mine, under my matress/ I'm that kid who comes with that black magic/ I stab anthems/ I kick freestyles and, you can't imagine the stuff that I come with/ you know that you new to here/ I cut your head off and take you to souvenirs.../


Check out the clip in question below, and please leave your comments. We will highly appreciate your support. Peace!

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