Friday, October 17, 2008


Hey y'all, princes and poets across the universal sphere, what's really good? Another day, another opportunity for us to discover more about artists in our beloved land, Lesotho. Today's post is on the emcee Poltergeist, a part of the Lesotho Rhyme Force crew who is now based out in New York City.


He's been on the scene for quite a minute now, and, through the extensive amount of work he's done with Corporate Nemesis, I've come to respect him as a well-rounded artist, fully worthy of a record label's money. Trust me, he is that good! We did some stuff with him over these past June holidays when he was at home. Didn't get a chance to edit all the tracks, but peep the link below for this one banger that he left.


Currently, dude is down with a label called Invent Horizons (check em out on myspace, a Ney York City-based independent label founded by Jonathan Tanners about three years ago. Big things are currently in the pipeline, so keep an eye out. The following extract is taken off of Po's myspace page:

About Po

Poletrgeist as an emcee emerged from frlorida streets in Maseru, Lesotho in 2002. I started rhymin after meetin up wit my boys poison foul, kislev, spit ferrocious, and Fairo to mention a few. These catz were all emcees and i loved and still love what they do lyrically so i started spittin as well. the crew, then Cutz on Rapz, was where i grew as an emcee under the wing of Fairo and the Catz mentioned above and alot more actually... Basically that's about it...if u wanna hear more just holla at yo boy. One.

So he's on the grind, and has recently started a hip-hop society at Columbia University, the place where he's stationed. I've decided to post a good number of goodies, so check em out and leave comments in the comment box. Respect!!!

Fresh joint:

Untitled Track (Biz-ark's mix) - approx. 4MB

An interview I did with him (he comments on important issues related to emceeing, air play, and the authenticity of certain elements in hip-hop):

Poltergiest interview - approx. 8MB (10 mins.)

P.S. If you want me to post up part two of the interview, leave a comment in the box.

Oh, wait up...more goodies. Check out this video of a performance he did!!!

Now, please say thank you! Happy weekend ;-)

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