Saturday, May 31, 2008

I'm not alone

A triple post within the period of one week!!! Wow, congratulations to myself!! On the real though, it is quite a feat by any average blogger's standards. The website that was promised is still undergoing the pangs of birth (READ: Internet mulfunction). Bonzy, the guy who's a silent partner of Corporate Nemesis, is still setting it up. Note that silent in this case does not mean not having a say in the final decision-making process; it just refers to the fact that you'll hardly ever hear him talk. In the same vein, that goes for Fairo too. I'm the self-proclaimed 'loud-mouth (tm)' of the crew.

So you thought the title of the post was inspired by a certain being by the name Michael Jackson, huh?!! Well, think again. It was inspired by one of the guys I go to school with, saying how heads sometimes think they are all alone in what they do/like, until a revelation dawns upon them that hey, maybe things aren't so bad after all!!! The statement can be applied to many situations.

Golden Chariots

I am not alone in the sense that I'm not the only one trying to ensure that the voice of Lesotho hip-hop gets heard beyond just the confines of approximately thirty thousand square kilometers of land (that's the area of my country, seriously!). This blog is dedicated to San the Instru-monumentalist (...and yes, it's still a mouthful to say, check this post out). He's just dropped a beat-tape, and I thought I should lend a hand and make it known through this medium. Find the link below, and check out the sleeve. Give him feedback on facebook (search for Moeti Damane). I'm sure he'll greatly appreciate it.

Link: Golden Chariots Volume One - 17.1 MB

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