Thursday, February 5, 2009

Re-up: Lesotho hip-hop compilation

Wadup people?!! We got a request for a re-up of the Lesotho hip-hop compilation we put on the blog a while back, and proceeded to heed the request. We've also decided to put two additional tracks on it, so grab it and enjoy. The tracks are productions from a crew called Artform . Here's some information on them:
Artform of is group made of three rappers, one vocalist and a producer/beatmaker. the rappers are strategy, fatal verb and queen mo. the vocalist is Lila and cymtom is the producer of the group. they have been together since june this year and have been working on tracks that will appear on an experimental project that will be released early next year.


-Hymphatic Thabs: Who said (2007)
Produced by Kanife
Published by Iapetus

-Skebza: Errah (2005)
Produced by Maphoza
Published by X-Poem Records

-Papa Zee: Mokhotsi (2006)
Produced by Papa Zee
Published by Struggle Ent./EMI music (?)

-Pasco & Anonymous: Ha Peete (2005/6)
Produced by Anonymous
Publisher unknown

-Metal Jacket & Dunamis: High stakes (2008)
Produced by Metal Jacket
Published by KOL Productions (?)

-Core Wreckah: Dooinit (2007/8)
Produced by Phil the Kritik
Published by Uhuru Underground/Corporate Nemesis

-One Clip: One Clip (2006)
Produced by Third World
Publisher unknown

-Mighty Records: Praise chants (2008)
Produced by Benni B
Published by Media Graphics

-Fatal Verb, Strategy, and Cymptom - Take care
Produced by Cymptom
Publisher unknown

-Strategy (w/ Queen Mo) - You're not alone
Produced by Cymptom
Publisher unknown

And here's the link: Lesotho Hip-hop (approx. 33MB)

(DISCLAMIER: Corporate Nemesis is only filling in an empty place in Lesotho hip-hop, which is putting music that is inaccessible from anywhere else. In case you think we are contravening any Copyright laws, mail us, we can sort it out)

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