Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Core Wreckah unveils tracklisting

In light of his imminent release simply entitled "Free CD Sampler", Core Wreckah has decided to bless us with a tracklist and sleeve. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the full product. Production is from trusted allies Dim Light and Phil the Kritik, as well as a collaboration with Trained Monkeys off of the Re-Invention Volume II LP. Look out for the link before the week ends.

Core Wreckah_Blog

The tracklist's as follows:
1. Intro [produced by Dim Light]
2. Reminisce [produced by Phil the Kritik]
3. Feel it [produced by Trained Monkeys]
4. Stand up [produced by Dim Light]
5. Dooinit [produced by Phil the Kritik]
6. Feel it [Biz-ark-human remix]
7. Stand up [Biz-ark-human remix]
8. Stand up [acapella]
All tracks published by Corporate Nemesis (pty) Ltd

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