Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Free CD Sampler - Core Wreckah

Yo! Just doing a quick drop-in, as promised, to share with you all a link to the Core Wreckah sampler. Before that though, thank you to all who kept coming to the blog even when we weren't updating it, we really appreciate it. Also, we are planning on releasing another range of t-shirts for the summer, so please go here in order to check out what we've got. (N.B. we won't be releasing the I AM FRESH range again!)

Radio promo

Alright, as promised, the link. Do enjoy, and please give some feedback. Will share this with a coupla blogs, and hope that they do post it up. Additionally, we shall post some other promo vids from Core Wreckah, so stay tuned for that. Oh, the pic above is the one which we shall use as the sleeve for the radio samplers. ONE!

Link: Core Wreckah - Free CD Sampler [24MB]

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