Monday, July 13, 2009

It's been a while

Yo, what's the deal? We've been busy, or maybe we held back so long just to make the statement 'it feels good be back' all that more meaningful. But that's just the thing, we've been around, and you would know that if you've been checking the twitter updates on the side of the blog.

Mighty Records

Firstly, congratulations to our friends over at Mighty Records for successfuly recording the first live album in the Mountain Kingdom. A couple of weekends ago, the gospel group Yadah Praise Family, which falls under the Mighty Recs umbrella, undertook this recording. I'm not sure whether it's true that it's the first live recording, but big ups to them nonetheless.


Secondly, big ups to San the Instrumonumentalist, and to Trompie for seeing through the Re-Invention project, and getting a review in Hype magazine, South Afrika's hip-hop publication. They've also overseen another project whose review shall be coming in a bit.

Well, lastly Trompie has been through a great deal of tragedies in the past couple, but he's come out of it strong, and managed to set up another blog dedicated to his alter-ego, Black Sperm. Check it out here.

Core Wreckah

Oh yeah, our very good friend Core Wreckah has been working on a promo which he plans to take to a few radio stations in and around our planet. NASA already has their copy, which they are beaming out to the galaxy Alpha Centauri as we speak. We shall post a link once Core decides to let loose of it, most probably some time this week.

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