Friday, May 23, 2008

Pay dues, stay true

Yo!!! Since it'd been a while since I last scribbled, I figure that it's only right to pay my dues. Cape Town is handling me well, went to peep a gig hosted by Levi's as part of their Young Guns initiative. It featured Jitsvinger and ETC crew, both of whose performances were something to take home and digest, before finally realizing just how dope they both were. It did take quite a huge amount of searching to find the venue, but all went well afterwards. Will post up some pics in the interim.

Fairo's shit

Corporate Nemesis' other function is to design stuff, you know, stuff like logos and random, ultra-inspired, other-worldly things. Fairo posted me some of the stuff he's been working on, and I became so flubbergasted that I found it fitting to share with the masses the enormity of this man's ability to manipulate Photoshop up to the point where it calls him master. This particular design would look good on a t-shirt I think (Hint: we ARE working on a clothing line. When we're rich like the corporations that we are, for lack of a better word, so 'incensed' by, your boy/girlfriend shall be wearing Nemesis Inc. underwear. Jokes!!!)

Other Intelligences

On the artist front, I shall dedicate some space to San the Instru- monumentalist (a mouthful, I know!). He's another beatmaker/emcee from L-E-S. He, along with Barameds of Green, belongs to a crew called Other Intelligences (or OINTS for short). Their style is subtle hip-hop, bordering - and perhaps sometimes crossing into - the field of poetry. It's what a knowledgeable person would call 'beautiful music'. I, on the other hand, just call it hip-hop. To their acclaim is a single entitled 'On becoming human'. I should be a bit biased when it comes to the track that I was supposed to post, but the one you shall hear after downloading is what has been doing rounds on a couple of radio stations around L-E-S. It's called "Scribllings (sic) of rememberance",hope you dig it. The two are on to some big things, and I'll surely keep the massive and crew who come here updated on their gwaans.

Scribllings - 4.12MB

Stay tuned, I'm doing a post on a dude called Dunamis real soon. He's also onto some big stuff without a doubt, and deserves a mention. Till later, tarrah!!!

PS. Check out the links below for some interesting sites

Pioneer Unit - A Cape Town-based independent label (home to Ben Sharpa, Konfab, and Rattex)

Africasgateway - Premium hip-hop site...check out the forum section, it's dope!

2020 Radio - A podcast by Rob One..niceness!!!

Eliminate The Competition - ETC Crew's official website

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