Monday, May 26, 2008

A promise kept

Word is James like Bond, bonded with 3.50 Maloti supa-glue at the Maseru taxi rank!!! As promised, I'm hitting you people up with the images from the Levi's gig that I attended. Dig it.


Jits jetting into interstellar spheres

Jits as seen in heaven

Jits with the rest of the band
The rest of the band

And the ETC crew wasn't to be left behind...

Logic-L putting on the 3-D glasses
Logical puts on 3-D glasses

Bonsai Bush and Logical

Bonsai vibing with the audience

Johnny Bosh
Rest of the crew (DJ White Nite in the background)

Til later people, I'm out!

1 comment:

San. said...

nice, loving the journo skillz dawg...this ish looks like it was off the railings...goodlook :>)