Sunday, March 14, 2010


We love these dude's music, seriously do. Cymptom, one of the producers in the four-man beat crew Artform, just keeps the drums banging each and everytime. 'So why don't you blog regularly about them?' you ask. Well, we seriously don't know, but are taking baby steps to rectify that. They've got a facebook page and their own ning blog. So, do yourself a favour and check them out.


A short bio from the blog states:

Seamrock is a Lesotho based beat making clique, this hip hop fraternity composes sounds that range from soul to they grimy underground hip hop type.

The group comprises Boomslang, Aurakle, Cymtom and K10 respectively born as Makhobalo Lesaoana, Thabo Letsie, Moeti Moleko and Mathealira Kholopo. They all met at the national university of Lesotho and founded Seamrock in 2005. They later started a more formal establishment (Seamrock Music®) whose main purposes audio composition and music production.

The bios on their facebook and ning accounts give different versions of the same crew though, but that's not a biggie in the greater scheme of thing. Here's a sweet taster of some of what they have worked on.

Link: Hussle (w/ Fatal Verb and Cymptom) [prod. by Cymptom] [ approx. 3MB]

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