Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Phil the Kritk and Core Wreckah

Wasup people?! Upon waking up this morning, we received an e-mail from our good associate Phil the Kritik, revealing the awsome news (to us at least) that him and Core Wreckah are working on a project. The rest of the e-mail went like this (check for the link to the joints they've done, along with the link to their facebook page below):


Core Wreckah and myself have decided to work on an EP scheduled tentatively for a December 2010 release. However, it will be pretty useless if no one wants to buy it, so this group is aimed at establishing the amount of people who'd be interested in paying in the region of M300 for the package. Please note that the amount is a ceiling figure since we have not established any costs involved at the moment.

The package would include:

  • A CD with artwork
  • A booklet containing bits and pieces about us
  • A t-shirt (designed by Corporate Nemesis' Fairo)
  • Possibly a short documentary detailing our relationship thus far

All these would be encased in a rubber-stamped black box (or whatever colour we decide upon), so that you as the consumer are made to feel that you have got the maximum benefit from your money.

In order to make this project a reality, we need fifty [50] people to commit. The aim is to first exploit the Maseru, Lesotho market, which is where we are based anyway.

Depending on the project's success, and on our motivation to continue, we might consider other possibilities.

For a sample of what Core Wreckah and myself have worked on previously, please click on the link below. You shall be directed to a file hosting site on which we've uploaded a five-minute mix of our songs.

Facebook page: Phil the Kritik and Core Wreckah

Link: Phil and Core - Five-minute mix [approx. 13MB]

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