Saturday, April 19, 2008

A song a day...means you can play

So here it is. 'Where' you ask. Well, right here on planet earth. I'll be posting up links to songs that we've worked on with a couple of friends, and tracks that I've done on my own. Maybe a beat here, a beat there, anything goes. Before I get started, check out my man Fairo's myspace page (click here).

First on the run is a gem from Codi Cox, an artist I met during my worthwhile scavenges in the streets of Maseru last December. I've recorded a track or two for him, and there are plans in the pipeline to do an EP in the not-so-distant future. I immediately related to his style, being that we started rhyming round about the same period (ninety-nine to be exact). His style is 'head-noddy', and he carries quite a range of topics: battle, party, love, more love...damn, I think the dude can do a booze track if possible. Oh yeah, there's an idea. Lemme stop stalling, here's the link:

Codi Cox - Pipe dream - 3.7MB


Check out Fairo on facebook, he probably has a larger image of the one I've posted. Easy!!!

PS. If you ever come across Codi Cox, or a creature that looks even remotely like he does, duckdown fool!!! His goatee kills, seriously!

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