Sunday, April 27, 2008

Core Wreckah

I simply couldn't resist the charm of posting two near-consecutive rumblings, not in this lifetime at least. Core Wreckah is as much an entity as he is a part of me, if that makes sense. I mean, it's the same person, just that the existential dynamics differ. Anyway, check out the page on iLike: iLike Core Wreckah

This is the picture for Core's promo, released a year ago. Time flies, only seems like yesterday. Read the full bio on that iLike page, and become part of the collective.Core-Wreckah


1 comment:

San. said...

not so long ago my hardrive crashed and S&*T. i lost this E.P in the process..need u to let me loose on this ish again Biz ARk.