Friday, April 18, 2008

Chain Smoker

I take the arts quite seriously, and take advantage of any opportunity to express myself artistically. One way in which me
and Fairo have branched out is through video production.


Vortech 0.9 is a Lesotho-based electronic music producer
that I've known since my early days as an emcee.Vortech in the scene
He used to do production for a lot of the cats who influenced my style, including Dunamis and Glory (who went by the name 5th Element back then). Anyway, he saw one of the videos I did for another producer, Anonmyous (will make a post about him later!!), and decided that I should do something for him also. I did hesitate, but took it as a challenge to be faced. This was at the beginning of December 2007.

I asked him to give me a complete month to do everything, and leave me to my insanity. Being that I'd just obtained a working version of adobe after-effects (checkout this, I was motivated to indulge. Little did I know that it'd be quite a task. But yeah, all stories aside, I completed the project in about six weeks. Best thing: he dug it.

So time went on, and this past March, I got a call from his manager to tell me that the video has been approved for playlisting on Channel 0. Now, for someone who is an absolute amateur at this video thing, it was a total honour. The future

I'm planning to work on more projects of that nature, and anything else in between. To check out more images, go to my facebook picture page here


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Anonymous said...

yeah ninja, need to hook up a vid when we touch home..goodlook on the vortex though..easy.San