Friday, October 24, 2008

The Cipha - Intro

What's the deal people??! Still staying alive I hope, and keeping positive vibes flowing. Today's post concerns a film project me and Fairo worked on towards the tail-end of 2007. It's a documentary details the gwaans in the Lesotho hip-hop circles, especially the cipha scene.

The Cipha

For them who don't know, in hip-hop terms, a cipha happens when emcees form a circle and start rapping - simple as that. It's a big thing all over the globe, and we as Corporate Nemesis wanted to get a Lesotho-based emcee's perspective on the cipha scene; how it influences/inspires them, what they get from it, etc.

We've uploaded a number of clips from the documentary on youtube (check out:, and I'll be uploading the links here on the blog and giving inside information on how the particular clip was put together.


First up is the introduction. The beat on the clip is done by a fairly unknown Lesotho-based producer who goes under the moniker Profane Hermit. For those who don't know, the quote "Time for s**** y'all n**** ain't heard yet/ cuz the radio is repetitive bull****", is taken from a Lootpack song off of the Antidote album. Madlib recites that particular line.

Check it out; love it, hate it, and please, give some feedback. Peace!!!

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Anonymous said...

YOOOO My nigga...This is Long overdue, Tha Cipha is dope son, I was just watching it again just now... Props. And I love the entry you did on me that was dope.

I'm still tryna make more moves man, have a new collection of beats from Tanners! MUCH MORE fire than the ones you heard!...till later, stay up!

- Poltergeist