Saturday, October 11, 2008

Internal Affairs EP

Quick one...what' good everyone??!! The Internal Affairs is a free, downloadable EP released by Childakapoet, under his Wes-Creations imprint based in Bloemfontein. It features production from the likes of Blacksperm, Phil the Kritik, J-one, and others. Featured emcees include Rob One (England), Isosceles (Lesotho), and Childakapoet (Bloemfontein). Here's the tracklist:


01-intro-produced by stainless
02-food fight-rob one-produced by shoxxen
03-internal audit-childakapoet-produced by 4824
04-get pissed-isosceles-produced by phil the kritik
05-balance the scales- relevence-produced by madnotes
06-lost plane ticket-produced by stainless
07-tequiller shots-rob one and the I.O.C produced by Shaister Master/ relevence and shoxxen
08-out the gates-childakapoet-produced by blakksperm
09-rider music-l dub-produced by blakksperm
10-child raps (remix)-childakapoet-produced by J one
11-hot 16-the I.O.C feat rob one-produced by 4824
12-not okay-the I.O.C produced by 4824

And there goes the link:

Internal Affairs (approx. 39MB)

Download and enjoy. Have a blissful weekend.

P.S. Check out the cool gadget we've added on the sidebar panel. Planning to do more of those. Peace!!!

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Anonymous said...

been bumpin this since i dwnloaded it last night, loving the Hot 16 joint, Relevance murks a verse on that isht, its def worth a cop....peace to Child...san